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Get Tantric Bodywork Bookings on Autopilot

If you’re a qualified Tantra expert offering Yoni Massage, Lingam Massage, Tantra Training, you live in a city over 300,000 people, and LOVE helping people, I can guarantee you a boost in bookings.



There are two ways that you can work with me

No upfront Costs, No Risk.

This is my most popular service.

Imagine automatically getting emails in your inbox from qualified men, women and couples wanting your help.

And now imagine getting that without having to pay anything upfront, no monthly fees, and no contracts. 

You remain completely autonomous, you still work your own hours, with whomever you like. 

Fee for bookings is 20% and you’re welcome to one free month of referrals to see that I am legit. 

Google Ranking

Become The Top Practitioner in Your City

This is my expertise. 

With my changes, your website will see a massive jump in visitors and bookings, which will remain consistent for years to come. 

Note that unlike the Collaboration option, this DOES have an upfront payment, and is a 3 month contract. Pricing will vary on how strong the competition is. Send me your website below for a free analysis. 

Why work with me?

Because I Consistently Deliver great results

Proven Record

I have ranked the top Tantra websites in every state in Australia. My customers make thousands of dollars every month from the referrals that I send them.

Tantra Expertise

"Yoni massage" gets nearly 2000 Google searches every month in Australia alone. "Bodywork" gets 2400. I know how to find this critical data that your competitors don't know.

Customised Pricing

I don't believe in standard pricing, I believe in customised pricing. Every practitioner is different, every city is different. You won't find what I do anywhere cheaper.


What People Have Said

Chris is a Wizard at SEO and online bookings! He has helped me grow my massage business, bringing in new referrals and increasing my ranking to first page Google. Friendly, genuine, and easy to work with. Highly recommend him for any online management work!
Stephanie A
Brisbane, 2020
I’ve been working with Chris for two years now and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is wanting to take their business to the next level. Chris does his due diligence in researching about the competition and finds a balance between what’s best for the website and search listings and my needs as a business. He is very fast and reliable.
Vanessa B
Melbourne, 2021
So, with my website I've had so many issues with other marketing people/agencies since I opened 4 yeas ago. I paid them every 30 days and was just waiting for more calls to start coming through. But it didn't really happen to be fair. At least I didn't notice any huge difference. Chris on the other hand has great communication with me, told what to expect and when to expect it and I'm now getting more calls then usual! Way more!
Liam B
Thailand, 2019
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