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Over 85% of consumers look online for a local service.

If you're not in the top 3 Google listings in your local area, those customers simply will not find you.

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Interest to Income

The only thing separating you from making money from your passion is a Google presence. If people can find you, then people will pay you.

Local SEO

Most customers never scroll past the top listings in Google. Those businesses are seen as the authorities in your industry. You must be among them.



Focus on what you're great at - your service - while I look after all the nitty-gritty in the background. I build and manage the website, while you offer the service.

SEO Case Study

April 2019: I’m sitting in a hairdressing salon near Brisbane. Business seems quiet for this new salon owner. We spend a total of two hours tweaking her Google Business listing.

May 2019: Her listing has jumped from position #6 to position #1 for something 500+ people per month are looking for.

For the first time ever, in this pic, this hair salon has more customers than staff (yes I’m the bald guy).

May 2019: The Google Business listing has jumped from position #6 to position #1 for something 500+ people per month look for. In this photo, for the first time ever, the salon has more customers than staff (yes I’m that bald guy).

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About Me

Who are you, bro?

My name is Chris Manak. I help Australian businesses get more sales and bookings through innovative local SEO techniques. 

I’m not an SEO agency. I don’t have a call centre, I don’t even have an employee, I am a one-man-band offering a personalised service. I believe in long-term partnerships, because ultimately, they pay more to both parties.

Get in touch with me below for a free SEO audit of your website and action plan to rank higher in Google. 

Google Maps

Taking the #1 position in Google Maps is sometimes as simple as verifying your address. Owning and optimising your Google listing is the fastest way to bring in more local customers.

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Passion vs. Income

Don't settle for a job you hate. Pay the bills with your passion. Become a leader in your industry, and have the media reach out to you for news articles and advice.

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YouTube is the second most important thing for any business (after SEO). Every day, millions of people type queries into YouTube. You can be there, answering their questions.

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