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"Your vebsite is useless..
If no-one can find it"


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Local Websites

A new website will rank in Google in 1-2 months (in your area), if it's created correctly. The first thing your business needs is an engaging website that people can actually find. Pricing varies according to what you need, from a one-page bio to a 20 page beast.

From A$550

Local SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (blatant keyword stuffing there) comes down to one thing - getting your website to that #1 spot in your area. Help people who are looking for your service, by fixing your local SEO. Price varies on your industry and your competition.

From A$650/month


Partner Up

I work with people in two ways. I can teach you how to do SEO for your own business, or we become lead generation partners. In this, you can focus on what you're great at (your service), while I look after all the nitty-gritty in the background.

Oh yay, a case study..

April 2019I’m in a hairdressing salon near Brisbane. I’m bald, I know. Business is quiet for this new salon owner. I spend a total of two hours making some tweaks to her Google My Business listing.

May 2019: The Google Business listing has jumped from position #6 to position #1 for a search term than 500+ people per month look for. In this photo, for the first time ever, the salon has more customers than staff.

May 2019: The GMB listing jumped from #6 to #1 for a 500/month searched keyword. For the first time ever, they have more customers than staff. (Yep I’m the bald guy in the pic).

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About Me

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My name is Chris Manak. I love helping Australian businesses get more sales and bookings through local SEO. A few small changes your website can result in a jump in rankings, a jump in bookings, a jump in authority and media attention.

I’m not an SEO agency. I don’t have a call centre, I don’t even have employees. I’m a one-man-band, offering you a personalised service. I believe in long-term partnerships over profit, because ultimately they pay more. 

Get in touch with me via email or WhatsApp (text only), for a no-strings-attached video evaluation of your website, or if you just want get started turning your hobby into a business.

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Google Maps Listings

Why do most new businesses fail. Because in 2020 it's essential that you're found online. Less than 8% of the internet gets traffic. Don't be in the 92% that no-one ever sees. Business has moved online. Old methods of advertising just won't cut it on their own anymore.

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Income vs. Passion

Like most business owners, I'm guessing an interest in what you do is more important to you than money. But you also need to pay the bills. Use SEO to become a leader in your industry, someone known in the media for your service. The top 3 people in Google are taking 90% of the business.

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Getting found on YouTube is the second most important thing for any new business (after SEO). YouTube is the second biggest search vehicle on the planet (after Google). Every day, people type "how to" queries into YouTube, and you want to be there, at the top, to help them.

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Alternatively, you can contact me via WhatsApp: +61 422 147 343.