Your Business Needs More Customers, Right?

Of course! Every business owner wants more bookings.

Manage your business correctly, and don't just wait for the calls to come in!

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Chris Manak

Local SEO & Lead Generation

Hi, my name is Chris Manak. I’m a lead generation expert, website creator and local SEO specialist based in Melbourne.

I also run multiple businesses from my laptop (i.e. I’ve done myself what I’ll do for you). 

My methods help small to medium Australian businesses hit that next level, whether that be getting more calls, getting more media attention, and especially ranking their websites higher on Google.

My various projects have been featured in the Financial Review, The Today Show, ABC,, The Daily Mail, Cleo, and this is what I’m aiming for with your business.

Let’s start with a free video presentation of how I can help you. I offer custom SEO for your website, or a lead generation service to drive more paying customers to you.

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Case Study

This is me in April 2019 in a hairdressing salon that I worked with for just one month. 

You will see they have more customers than staff – for the first time ever! 

This new owner was getting an average of 590 more website visitors to her website per month, and 3.65 more bookings per day – all from simple website tweaks.

Who Can I Help?

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New Business Owners

My aim is to get you full-time in your business within a year, depending on your location in Melbourne and your service.

Local Businesses

I can show you how I've helped other companies in Melbourne with their local SEO and online presence.


Blossoming Ideas

If you're thinking of starting a business, I can create a structured plan for you, using proven steps that are shown to work.

What Results Can I
Get You?

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Have More People Finding Your Business!

If someone is looking for a service, they're absolutely going online first. They need to be able to find you, with a website that keeps their attention.

Imagine these figures for your business!

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Still Need More Convincing?

Critical Online Presence

Why do most businesses fail? Because most business has moved online . Many business owners haven't kept up with this trend. Old advertising just won't cut it.

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Be An Industry Leader

The industry leader in your niche is the person/company getting 90% of the business. Customers need to trust you 100% and this needs to be conveyed properly.


Incredibly Affordable

I get it. You're paying off your house, your car, you can't afford a marketing expert or monthly SEO. I price my services to the exact dollar needed for your business. No more.

Contact Chris to Enquire

Simply fill in the contact form below and I will get back to you within 12 hours. If you still don’t see my reply, check your spam folder or call me on 0422 147 343.