Your Business Needs More Business, Right?

Of course, every business wants more bookings.

Boost your business to the front page of Google and wait for the calls to come in!

Who Am I?

Chris Manak

Chris Manak is an Australian local business expert, specialising in Website Creation and Local SEO (Google rankings in your city). His methods help small to medium Australian businesses hit that next level. 

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Case Study

This is me in April 2019 in a Surfers Paradise hairdressing salon that I worked with (Local SEO) for three months. 

For the first time ever in this pic, they had more customers than staff. 

This new owner was getting an average of 590 more website visitors to her website per month.

Read: that’s a HUGE boost in her weekly bookings! 

What Can I Do For You?

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More Bookings

Within weeks, you will be getting not just a few more calls, but noticeably 2-3 times more than now.

Reliable Results

I can show you how I've helped other companies with their local SEO. I have worked with businesses all over Australia.


Affordable Pricing

If you compare me to any other quality SEO, and won't beat my prices. I do everything myself, saving team costs.

What Happens Once We Start?

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Appear In More Google Searches

If someone is looking for a plumber for instance, they will Google search "plumber in Brisbane" - "24 hour plumber" - "qualified plumber nearby" You want your business showing for these terms.

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Become a leader in your industry by ranking in the top of your search terms

Need More Convincing?

If Google doesn't know you, then no-one knows you

Why do most businesses fail? Because no-one can find them. When people need a service in 2019, they ask Google, and 90% of the time, they contact one of the top 3 businesses.

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If you don't have a website, I can create you one

If you're new in business, or if you don't have a website (for whatever crazy reason), you can still work with me. I can help by building you a simple business website for free to commence our relationship.

One time or monthly payments through PayPal

I offer a one time payment, or monthly payments, both of which are protected through PayPal. I will give you both prices along with your free customised website video once you contact me.

Contact Chris to Discuss

Fill in the contact form below, including your website (if you have one), and Chris will get back to you within 24 hours with a no-obligation and completely FREE video showing you exactly what to do on your website.